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.Advance to Digital Litigation Procedures

These days, digital data is an inseparable part of our lives. We create data, whether consciously or not, during many of the actions we take daily.

Bis-Tec provides an end-to-end solution to dealing with the large amount of data in a case file, beginning with the drafting of the application, receiving the data, and up until the end of the proceedings.

In the past few years, the litigation process in the world has changed dramatically, and one of the reasons for such change is the steady increase in the volume of digital data, and with it the need to use advanced technology in order to copy it, analyze it and present it to the user and to the court.

In many countries, document discovery is done digitally (E-discovery), whereas the world leader in E-discovery is the United States.

Our business model allows you to increase the range of services you receive and to gain a competitive advantage, all while increasing your profits.

Our services in this field allow all law firms to receive advanced services, which, among others, include:

Bis-Tec | litigation

Seizure of digital evidence and their storage.

Review of data seized in hard copy and extracting the text using an OCR engine.

Full support in digital document discovery proceedings (E-discovery).

Performing searches and smart cuts and use of analytic tools.

Providing expert witness testimony if necessary.