Computer and Internet Expert Opinions

Civil or criminal proceedings conducted in court require evidentiary materials, but often an expert opinion is needed in order to base a claim and to prove claims that are not considered facts. Often the expert opinion is required even before the start of legal proceedings, during the stage of building the case and establishing the law suit. 
At times, the central issue of the dispute, whether during the legal proceedings or otherwise, is the authenticity of the digital evidence. This requires an opinion from an expert in the field of computers. The expert can be agreed upon by both parties, or appear on behalf of one of them. 
When any entity, whether it be a private person, or whether it is a corporate entity or a company, is going through legal proceedings and needs an expert testimony in the field of computers, our expert professionals are always available for any task. Our services in the field of computers includes a wide variety of expertise in the world of computers and internet, including informative analysis, consulting on international legal issues, expert witness in computers in courts in Israel and abroad, and more. 

Who is a computer and internet expert?
A computer and internet expert is a person who has dedicated their time in becoming fluent in the variety of technological and other aspects in the field, which is dynamic and constantly being updated. Experts in this field usually fit into one of two main categories: a person with relevant education, or alternatively, someone with equal and proven experience in the field. 
The opinion of an expert is of critical importance and can help sway the courts one way or another in their decisions in the specific case. We at Bis-Tec supply expert testimonies in computers that draw on vast experience of over 13 years of conducting digital investigations. The team at Bis-Tec has vast knowledge and is extremely proficient in the worlds of cyber, computing, hardware and software. 

When looking for a computer expert opinion, look no further than Bis-Tec
Bis-Tec has the required level of expertise, the tools that allow for the collection of digital evidence and the knowledge required to analyze such evidence and generate the correct insights from them. By virtue of our years of experience in the field we can supply an expert opinion in the field of computers that is based on objective, relevant and reliable information that will support your case. 

You can contact us here and now to coordinate a consulting meeting or to receive additional details regarding the meaning of a computer expert witness. 

 Expert Opinions