Experts investigations and dealing with cyber attacks

In recent years, cyber-attacks have become the largest threat to organizations’ data security managers. The number of cyber-attacks has been growing over the years, and currently it is a very real industry with a turnover of billions of dollars.

Most cyber-attacks these days are committed in order to make money, whether by using ransomware (one of the most common methods, in which the attacking entity encrypts the organization’s information and demands payment in order to open it), industrial espionage, data theft, and more.

These many threats require the organizations to create a response procedure to cyber events and to investigate such events in order to learn how they happened and to ensure that we really understand what happened in the event and how to prevent it from happening again.

Bis-Tec | cyber

Bis-Tec’s services provide:

A reaction team to cyber events.

A review of risks and assistance in the application of protection programs.

A full scan of all of the network devices to find and remove unsown spyware software.

A scan of the organizational network to locate sensitive data.