Bis-Tec provides you with a variety of advanced solutions in the field of computer forensics.

Computer forensics is a data collection tool which uses digital technology and other especially advanced methods. Using computer forensics we can locate, analyze, process and bring to light evidence and testimonies that you or your investigators can use in various circumstances. Using the advanced tools that are available to us, including a program that recovers files and other such methods, we can perform many diverse actions for you, starting with recovering files that were deleted from the computer or files from a memory card or even emails, locating documents and breaking passwords on your computers, and up to producing reports that can be used as admissible evidence in court.

Bis-Tec | computer forensics

Among our services:

Password cracking.

Providing expert testimony

.Locating information in real time

Detection of illegal computer operations.

.Producing reports that are admissible in court

And more…

.Surveillance management

.Deleted file recovery

Reenactment of computer systems’ events.

A bit about our process

In order to achieve the best possible results, the work process with us includes a few main stages, as follows:

Stage 1 – An introductory meeting to understand your needs up to the smallest detail.

Stage 2 – Collecting the data required in order to perform an investigation on the computer.

Stage 3 – Copying the data from the computer, smartphone or tablet into our hard drive.

Stage 4 – Investigating the copied data and analyzing it using the best tools at our disposal.

Stage 5 – Understanding the bigger picture, proposing solutions and producing professional reports.

Bis-Tec – experts in computer forensics

Bis-Tec cooperates with the world’s leading companies in the field of computer forensics, and provides you with a skilled and professional team. As a leading company in the field of computer forensics in Israel, and with 14 years of experience in cracking computerized secrets, the company provides full support to each of its clients, while using the very best and most advanced digital equipment and machines.

The company directs the majority of its efforts to one goal only – to provide you with the best results. Our many years in the field have made us experts in computer forensics and, using this experience, allow us to provide you with as much information as possible about what is being done with your computer. To schedule an introductory meeting and consultation, contact us [SB1] and we will be happy to serve as a reliable and professional address for all of your queries!

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