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Assistance for Digital Litigation and Digital Evidence
We at Bis-Tec provide a large number of services to law firms, which among others, include: assistance with digital litigation, help with finding digital evidence and an arsenal of technologically advanced tools which aid the process of managing case files, scanning documents and locating text in printed documents as well as collecting admissible evidence. 

What is Digital Litigation?
In the 21st century digital information is an inseparable part of our lives, and is used in countless ways. One of these uses is in the legal world – where often the right data at the right time can shed new light on the case and base the claims in the case. However, in order to collect the correct data that is most relevant to the case it is necessary to work with a professional company that has access to advanced and specialized tools. Accordingly, litigation is an integral part of legal representation and in fact consists of the argument proceedings in court. Digital litigation is the modern derivative of this field, and it includes the collection and retrieval of computerized evidence, recovery of deleted files, collecting information from digital media or cell phones, data analysis, copying it and presenting it in court and all while using advanced tools and smart technologies.

Another aspect of digital litigation is E-Discovery. Today, much of the world’s data is located on electronic formats. One of the most commonly used electronic formats, which people use for individual, business or commercial purposes on a daily basis is email. Therefore, email correspondence is considered to be a central evidentiary tool in many court hearings. Using advanced and specialized tools for email investigations (E-Discovery), useful data can easily and efficiently be found among the various emails, including in the attached files – all in a legal and efficient manner and without needing to open all of the emails. 

From Digital Software to Manage Caseloads and up to an OCR System to Scan Documents
Lawyers are often drowning in a sea of documents that they need to examine in order to collect evidentiary materials, and there isn’t much difference when examining digital evidence. Using advanced computerized systems, the process can be made more efficient, evidence can be located and files can be managed. It is even possible to scan documents and enjoy especially sophisticated search capabilities which, without a doubt, will make the process of collecting the data significantly easier and will save valuable time, in a manner which has a significant advantage over every other method. 
We provide you with an array of digital litigation services which can make the legal proceedings you are involved in much easier and more efficient and which can help you substantiate your cases using digital evidence. For additional details contact us now, and we will be happy to help you as soon as possible! 

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