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Locating Digital Evidence
The world of digital data, as most of know it today, is incredibly dynamic as there is hardly a person left who does not consume digital data, whether through the laptop computer or using their mobile smartphones. And despite the many advantages this technology provides, when most human communication takes place on social networks, Whatsapp groups or other internet sites, often the majority of the data is hidden behind the screens and is not available to us at all, and this is especially apparent when we need that data. 
This is where Bis-Tec’s expertise and knowledge comes into play. We provide digital investigation services to a wide variety of clients, including private clients, and have over 13 years of experience in the field. 

What are Digital Investigations?
Digital investigations are another name for the collection of useful and essential information for you using the advanced tools we have at our disposal. Currently there is a lot of data across the internet, and without the proper access to it, it remains inaccessible. A professional company that specializes in conducting investigations and analyzing digital data is required in order to retrieve the valuable data. Digital investigations have many diverse uses, starting with collecting evidence for substantiating a case or for a hearing in court, through analyzing data and translating it or copying data and securing it and up to us securing the data – in essence, this is the starting point for any goal you want to achieve in this field. 

Locating Digital Evidence – who is this for?
As the technology evolves and develops, our services are appropriate for any person who requires reliable and trustworthy data in real time. Using our services you can disperse the fog surrounding you and your individual case, and you will receive all of the evidence you need. Included in our services you will find comprehensive digital investigations, information security, digital information analysis, digital investigations for computers and other digital devices and more – and all of them based on years of experience, conducted by skilled professionals and tailored to your every need. For additional details regarding our digital investigation services please contact us, we are happy to be of service!

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