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Establishing Infrastructure and Systems for Digital Data Investigations Software
Bis-Tec provides advanced services in the field of digital investigations to enforcement authorities and government entities. Our services include building infrastructure and systems for the investigation of digital data, as well as providing you with the most advanced investigative abilities in the technical worlds. In addition, we provide tutorials for the software and are available to you at every step along the way to provide help and support. 

Which Enforcement Authorities are our Services Designed for? 
In many respects, the internet has become a central part of our lives over the last decades. Everyone is online, whether they are private people or companies or businesses. As a result there is a wealth of information hidden behind our screens and under our keyboards; data that is not visible to most ordinary users and which can be considered valuable and important evidence. 
In order to locate that data and to use it efficiently and legally, it is necessary to have knowledge and experience in the field of digital investigations and to also have access to the most advanced tools which can make the process easier and more efficient. 
Bis-Tec works together with enforcement agencies and many other entities, including the police, the intelligence services, the army, the tax authority, the securities authority, the ministry of finance, banks and more, and it provides all of them with its expertise and many years of professional experience. 

Building Infrastructure and Labs for Enforcement Authorities: What does the Service include? 
We provide you with a wide range of advanced tools which will make the process of collecting the digital data, analyzing it and presenting it significantly easier and more efficient. In order to fully meet your specific goals we will also delve into your needs and characterize them and build the infrastructure accordingly. Following that our professional team will give tutorials that will allow for efficient use of the infrastructure and we will provide support services whenever needed and for every purpose. 
Whatever your needs may be, whether hardware, software or advanced computing and whether investigative software and data analysis, we are here at your service and we provide the best services in the industry. For additional details regarding the services we provide to enforcement authorities in the field of data investigations, contact us and we will be glad to set up a consulting meeting with you!


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