We are living in a digital world there is no argument about that. The amount of information we produce is constantly increasing, so are the evidence we leave, it is no surprise that law enforcement agencies, law firm, and enterprises transferred the focus to digital investigations. This change led to the fact that digital investigations are carried out not only by technological experts but by investigators, lawyers, accountants and analysts. 

This change creates a gap in the digital investigation market that traditionally

focus on the technology instead of the investigator needs to provide a user friendly and effective solution that assist the users to perform their work.

Bismart addresses this need by providing an end-to-end solution that includes advanced Case management and ability to dive in to the investigation platform from the same interface.

Bismart combines ease of use, speed, case and team management tools and in-depth digital forensic investigation.

User friendly: Bismart is a web platform deployed in the cloud or on-site built to be easy to understand and easy to use for non-technological users and does not require in-depth training. The system can be adapted to suit the specific needs of each of its customers.

Case and team Management: 

  • Storage of all the date relevant to the case in the system;

  • Run OCR engine to search PDF and images;

  • Create and manage tasks;

  • Organize all the contacts relevant to the case;

  • Visualize your investigation on a canvas;

  • Create and generate reports.

Speed: Bismart was developed to give its users speed-saving capabilities that save them time to reach their insights. Bismart provide quick access to the data even in a big data set contains terabytes of data and multi million items.

in-depth digital foresic invastigation: 

  • Supports multi platprom file systems and over 400 file type;

  • Recover and carved deleted item if needed;

  • Index unallocted space;

  • insavtigate shadow copies;

  • Invastigate registry and databases.