About Bis-Tec

.​​We transform data to information

Bis-Tec is a private company establish 2003 with a goal to help our client better understand their data, with more than 12 years of experience

Bis-Tec specialize in providing high complex solution in the fields of computer forensic, EDiscovery, Cyber and Big data analysis. We provide end to end solution including software, hardware, services and training.

Bis-Tec is one of the leading companies in Israel in the fields of computer forensic and EDiscovery our client include leading law enforcement, government and enterprises.

Bis-Tec represent leading technologies companies in her field of expertise.

Bis-Tec provide tailor made solutions to her customers need.

Bis-Tec understand that the challenges we are facing now in our fields of expertise require complex solutions that can only be achieved by combining technologies, experts and methodology.

Bis-Tec’s Vision

Our vision is to assist our customers in understanding the data they have in the most effective and efficient manner so that they can make the correct decisions and respond correctly to the various challenges facing them.

We understand that in order to fulfill this vision we must invest in three fields:

Technology – we understand that technology and innovation are what drives the industry of today. We are committed to creating partnerships with the leading technology manufacturers in the world in our field of operations. In addition, we understand that in order to provide solutions for our client’s needs, we need to tailor the products and connect them in such a way so that they provide solutions that fully fit our client’s requirements.

Methodology – we understand the great importance of developing a methodology and work methods that are suited to our client’s various missions, and we believe that constant improvement of work methods is the key to improving performance and achieving goals.

Experts – as service providers, quality human resources are the basis of our business. We invest considerable resources in the recruitment, training and empowerment of our employees in order to provide our clients with the level of expertise required from us.


We believe that fulfilling our vision will help us to be leaders in the fields of analyzing and understanding digital data, computer forensics, the cyber world, and providing assistance in litigation proceedings, and that it will entrench our status as a leading company in our fields of operation.


We believe that the client is of utmost importance, and our goal is to understand our client’s needs and to strive to address those needs while adhering to our values of professional reliability and customer service.


We understand that the world we live in today is dynamic, and changes happen quickly. We are committed to continue to adapt and develop new abilities and expertise in order to continue to respond to our client’s future challenges as well. 


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